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Top Dating Site:

Lavalife – This is by far our most recommend dating website if you are in Australia. If you look at the profiles you’ll notice the majority are Australian, with some Canadians thrown in (depending on the time zone) and a small minority of Americans. There’s always a ton of profiles to browse regardless of if you are in Sydney, Brisbane, or the outback. 

It’s always free to respond to messages or to emails. If you want to initiate a chat with someone then you use credits, which means that there are no monthly fees. You only pay when you need to contact the person you want to communicate with.

There are 3 communities to choose from, you can be in all of them or only one or two:

  • Dating

  • Relationship

  • Intimate Encounters

On top of dating they also offer these exciting features:

  • An online singles magazine called Click

  • A variety of ringtones for mobile devices

  • A variety of singles events throughout Australia

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