Australia Dating Sites
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Our Proprietary Ratings System:

We look at various factors before deciding which dating websites to recommend. In order of importance they are:

1. How many actual Australians are on this dating service. There is nothing worse than signing up for a service and not finding anyone or else finding a bunch of Texans. Nothing wrong with yanks but they are kinda far! Being the only person on a site with only one other member in your city is not an optimal scenario.

2. Ease of use. It’s important that the match making service is easy to use, and has an intuitive navigational menu and control panel. No one wants to sit there for hours trying to figure out how to send a private message.

3. Search Function.  Having a great search function saves time, and can potentially mean the difference between finding the one, or remaining single.

4. Cost.  How expensive is the service? For the average user paying on a per credit basis, whereby you only pay when you contact a member makes the most sense. For extreme users it may be more opportunistic to pay a monthly fee that enables unlimited contacts. Cost is more of a factor for men, as women generally do not have to pay as men will contact them first. Of course a woman may choose to pay if she really wants to communicate with a specific person.

5. Customer Service.  It’s important that should a problem arise, that you are able to contact the company.


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